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Second C4JR YSL Newsletter

The Coalition for Just Reparations, with the support of IOM-Iraq, is publishing regular newsletters on the Yazidi Survivors Law in three languages: Arabic, English, and Kurdish.

C4JR bids farewell to a prominent member of our Survivors Council

Hala Safeel, a prominent member of the C4JR Survivors Council, has left Iraq for Australia after being accepted into the Australian resettlement program for ISIL survivors and their families. The 27-year-old Yazidi survivor and activist had lived in an IDP camp in...

Farida Khalaf, President of Farida Global Organization: Statement

Farida Khalaf is a survivor, human rights activist, co-author of “the Girl who Beat ISIS,” and President of Farida Global Organization. Here is her longer statement, a shortened extract of which features in the second C4JR YSL Newsletter. "The Yazidi [Female]...

What is rehabilitation as a form of reparation and why is it important?

C4JR spoke to Professor Nimisha Patel on rehabilitation as a form of reparation, why it is important, and what needs to be done so that survivors can realise their right to rehabilitation guaranteed under the Yazidi Survivors Law.