C4JR is open for other Iraqi CSOs to join provided that they accept in good faith the core C4JR documents.

Why join the C4JR?

Membership in C4JR brings a range of benefits for CSOs. More precisely, by joining C4JR CSOs will:

  • strengthen their capacity to address issues of reparation and transitional justice
  • work more effectively by jointly producing demands and proposals to promote victims´ rights
  • attain greater visibility on national and international levels
  • increase opportunities for cooperation with other like minded CSOs
  • gain access to shared resources and expertise
  • establish contacts with international and national actors
  • increase their ability to influence decision-makers at all levels
  • strengthen their position vis-à-vis state authorities
  • last but not least, by speaking with one voice, CSOs will be able to support the individual victims and/or their families coming from communities they work within realizing their right to reparation. This will, in turn, contribute to bridging the ethnic/religious divide, consolidation of the political landscape and laying the foundation of lasting peace in Iraq

Interest in joining the C4JR can be indicated by sending an email to the C4JR Secretariat via [email protected]