The creation of a coalition of CSOs supporting the survivors of ISIS conflict in Iraq took place in 2019 and was divided into four phases: (I) establishing contacts; (II) obtaining information; (III) forging an agreement; (IV) implementing activities on behalf of the coalition.

Phase I: Establishing contacts

Contacting and organizing informative events for a range of Iraqi CSOs, potential C4JR members. These events were intended to:

  • present the initiative to create a coalition that will advocate for a comprehensive reparation program for all victims of armed conflict with ISIS in Iraq.
  • explain the methodology used to establish a C4JR.
  • provide space for an open a discussion on different aspects of reparative justice.

What has been achieved so far?

Three information events were organized (in Duhok, Erbil, and Sulaymaniyah) reaching out to more than 30 CSOs from Kurdistan region and other parts of Iraq.

Phase II: Obtaining information

Sending a survey to CSOs selected via the information events, which was specially designed to determine their views on key issues set out in the three basic C4JR documents.

  • Position paper on reparations: A document containing core common principles on reparations in Iraq that will serve as one of the blueprints to measure forthcoming state efforts to provide reparations to victims.
  • Founding charter: A document outlining C4JR´s governance structure (rights and obligations of members, decision-making process, day to day managing of a coalition, control mechanisms etc.)
  • Prospective activities of the C4JR

What has been achieved so far?

The survey has been sent, feedback from CSOs received and analyzed.

Phase III: Forging an agreement

The answers gathered through the survey have been used for designing initial drafts of the three basic C4JR documents which were further discussed, accordingly amended and fine-tuned in close collaboration with all involved CSOs.

Advanced versions of the drafts of the three basic C4JR documents were discussed and the final versions agreed in person during a working meeting attended by all participating NGOs. An official endorsement of the documents by the authorized representatives of the CSOs is expected at a founding conference when C4JR will be formally established and presented to the public.

What has been achieved so far?

The consultation process with CSOs is finalized. Working meeting has been ended successfully, common ground as regards three C4JR core documents agreed. During a founding conference held on 5th and 6th of November 2019, C4JR core documents have been endorsed by 25 CSOs and C4JR officially launched.

Phase IV – implementing activities on behalf of the coalition

In the fourth phase, campaign/advocacy work with relevant stakeholders should take place through press conferences, meetings with international actors in Iraq (diplomats, UN agencies, NGOs etc.), talks with politicians, local leaders etc. The exact nature and scope of the activities will be agreed in the respective document.