C4JR media release: Consultations with Yazidi Women Survivors: a step forward in designing adequate reparations

August 23, 2020

C4JR welcomes the timely efforts of the Commission for Investigation & Gathering Evidence (CIGE)for conducting the research Consultations for Reparations: Enhancing Victims Participation towards the development of a Comprehensive Reparation Policy”.

Consulting the Yazidi women survivors of ISIL crimes regarding the reparations policies will help them in shaping their future, fill the gaps of these policies and raise awareness of the Draft Law on Female Yazidi Survivors’ currently being discussed in the Iraqi Parliament. These consultations also opened a platform for Yazidi women survivors to express their opinions and assured them that their voice is being heard.

C4JR was consulted during the research itself, took part in the field visits and reviewed the final document. Publishing this report will certainly contribute to reviving the public debate on reparations for survivors and to conveying the survivors’ needs to the stakeholders.

There is still much to be done when it comes to repairing the harm done to the survivors and other victims and providing tangible support. Government of Iraq and Kurdistan Regional Government should make an effort to regain trust of the survivors through, among other things, endorsing reparation laws that meet their needs.

C4JR is looking forward to working with CIGE in the future. As we are of the opinion that further consultations with survivors from other affected communities as well as with survivors of atrocity crimes other than conflict-related sexual violence should be prioritized, we encourage any efforts to that end.

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Fifth C4JR YSL Newsletter 

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