Coalition for Just Reparations Condemns Hate Speech and Accusations Against Yazidi

May 11, 2023

Photo: REUTERS/Azad Lashkari

The Coalition for Just Reparations (C4JR) strongly condemns the recent hate speech and false accusations made against the Yazidi community in Iraq for the alleged burning of a mosque in Sinjar on April 27, 2023. C4JR stands in solidarity with Yazidis, and demands that they, like all of Iraq’s diverse communities, be treated with respect and dignity.

The resurgence of violent rhetoric against the Yazidi community is particularly alarming as the community arrives at a critical juncture in the recovery and reparations process following the genocide committed by ISIS and as outlined in the Yazidi Survivor’s Law (YSL). With several thousand Yazidi women, men, girls, and boys remaining in ISIS captivity, reported to be missing, or presumed dead, dehumanizing language and misattributed blame directed toward the Yazidi community threatens to roll back efforts to rebuild social cohesion in the aftermath of conflict, and reinforces divisive and exclusionary ideologies that threaten the fabric of this culturally diverse region.

With the passage of the YSL, the Government of Iraq (GOI) committed to not only provide moral and financial compensation to survivors of the Yazidi genocide and those affected from the Shabak, Christian, and Turkmen communities, but also to secure a decent life for these minority groups, including by supporting their rehabilitation, taking necessary measures to facilitate reintegration, and preventing the recurrence of violations (See: Article 4, Iraq Law No.8 of 2021). It is therefore imperative that government stakeholders take swift action to ensure that the Yazidi community is protected against the recent surge in false accusations and hate speech, and that this dangerous rhetoric is loudly and strongly condemned.

C4JR equally calls upon the international community to continue their efforts and take active measures to prevent and combat hate speech and violence against Yazidis, other minorities, and those speaking on their behalf.

Finally, C4JR calls on all individuals and communities to reject hate speech and violence, and to instead promote understanding, dialogue, coexistence and respect for all faiths and cultures, working to preserve the rich diversity that has long been the legacy of this cradle of civilization.

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