Paving the Way Towards Homegrown and Survivor-centered Justice in Iraq.

May 23, 2023

Mr. Hassan Jameel, member of C4JR’s Coordination Committee, spoke at the Lalish Solidarity and Peace Conference in Erbil on May 15th, 2023, organized by the C4JR member Emma organization. Hassan contributed to the discussion by presenting C4JR’s Position Paper on ISIL Accountability Mechanism in Iraq. This Position Paper was an outcome of over a year of intensive discussion between C4JR members aimed at identifying principles on which the long overdue criminal accountability mechanism for ISIL should be based. The discussion was informed by the views of survivors and grounded in Iraqi as well as international law and best practices. The main effort to bring justice to survivors of ISIL atrocities should take place in Iraq. By prioritizing a homegrown effort, C4JR aims to empower Iraqis and promote a sense of ownership and agency in the pursuit of justice. This approach not only enhances the legitimacy and effectiveness of the mechanism but also contributes to the long-term reconciliation and healing of Iraqi society.

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