UN officials call on Iraqi authorities to ensure swift and full implementation of Yazidi Women Survivors Law

August 5, 2021

In a statement marking seven years since ISIL terrorists brutally and systematically targeted religious minorities in Sinjar, UN Secretary-General António Guterres has called on Iraqi authorities to begin implementation of the Yazidi Survivors Law to assist Yazidi and other survivors of ISIL atrocities.

This news comes at a time where hundreds of thousands of Yazidis and other religious and ethnic minorities throughout Iraq are still displaced without proper recourse to address their conditions. These harsh conditions have lead to rises in suicide, increased vulnerability to COVID, and continued daily struggle for affected communities.

Part and parcel of this implementation Security Council Resolution 2467 (2019) emphasizes the need for holistic survivor-centered services, justice, and reparation to survivors in the aftermath of sexual violence crimes. Now is the time for the Iraqi authorities to implement YSL in a comprehensive and survivor-centered manner  in-line with international standards of justice.

C4JR, yet again, urges the Iraqi authorities to reevaluate its plan for implementation of the YSL and consider specific recommendations put forth by its 32 member organizations. There is no time to waste.

UN chief underlines commitment to justice for Yazidis in Iraq | | UN News

SRSG Patten remarks for the Free Yezidi Foundation Genocide Commemoration Concluding Panel: Genocide, Recovery and Support, 3 August 2021 – Iraq | ReliefWeb


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