C4JR Stands in Solidarity with Survivors on 7th Anniversary of the Yazidi Genocide

August 2, 2021

On August 3rd 2014, ISIL terrorists attacked Sinjar where they executed men and young boys and abducted hundreds of women and children. The youngest boys were forced into ISIL training camps while women and girls were sold and subjected to sexual violence.

C4JR and its 32 member organizations stand in solidarity with Yazidi and all other communities which were victims of ISIL atrocities.

On March 1st 2021 members of the Iraqi Parliament passed the Yazidi Women Survivors Law (YSL). This law, will deliver long-awaited relief not only to Yazidi women but also other survivors belonging to communities targeted by ISIL. C4JR and its members celebrate this milestone and continue to work on monitoring implementation and improving the YSL so that all survivors of ISIL crimes can realize their right to reparations.

As justice is essential to building lasting peace, C4JR urges the Iraqi Government to end impunity for ISIL crimes and ensure justice for survivors in compliance with international standards.

Read statements from C4JR member organizations on the occasion of August 3rd:

FYF Statement – Seven-Year Commemoration of the Yezidi Genocide – Free Yezidi Foundation

Jiyan Foundation Statement in Remembrance of the Yazidi Genocide | Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights

Nadia’s Initiative and French Ambassador Philippe Étienne Host Commemoration of 7th Anniversary of the Yazidi Genocide — Nadia’s Initiative (nadiasinitiative.org)

No sustainable future for Yazidis and minorities in Iraq and KRI as seven-year genocide continues (yazda.org)

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