C4JR second annual meeting

January 31, 2022

On November29,2021,C4JR held its second annual meeting of all members in-person and virtually in Erbil 

This meeting provided an opportunity for C4JR members to elect new members of the C4JR´s executive body Coordinating Committee to take stock of the Yazidi Survivors Law implementation and identify challenges and opportunities.

We are incredibly proud of taking the time to listen to the voices of survivors members of the C4JR Survivors Council. 

This Council consists of ISIL survivors (of different genders and belonging to targeted ethnoreligious communities) who provide advice and guidance to C4JR bodies and members on promoting and strengthening survivors´ perspectives in current and upcoming activities. 

They also suggest and prioritize activities and topics relevant to the survivors, families, and communities. 

It has agreed that C4JR should advance its advocacy by undertaking comprehensive training provided by the New Tactics in Human Rights Middle East and North Africa Team. 

New Tactics in Human Rights is a program of the Center for Victims of Torture (CVT) established to strengthen the capacity of human rights defenders by providing training on innovative strategies to advance human rights.

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