UN Human Rights Experts Call Iraq to Ensure Freedom, Justice and Reparations for Survivors of ISIL Crimes

April 11, 2022

On March 30.2022 the UN Human Rights Committee (HRC), a body of independent experts that monitors implementation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, published its findings on Iraq. HRC commended the adoption of the Yazidi Female Survivors Law in March 2021, but also recommended Iraq to:

adopt all possible measures to free Yazidi women and children in captivity by ISIL members in Iraq;

investigate and prosecute sexual offences committed by ISIL members during the armed conflict against Yazidi women and girls, ensure perpetrators are punished and the victims or members of their families accorded full reparation;

amend National Identity Card Law in order to take into account the situation of children born to non-Muslim mothers where the father is unknown or uninvolved in the life of the child, in particular children born of rape to Yazidi women previously held captive by ISIL.

ensure the return of IDPs to their former places of residence or full integration into society in appropriate new places of residence

ensure that all persons residing IDP camps, including persons with possible ties to ISIL, have an adequate standard of living and security without discrimination

C4JR strongly supports these recommendations as they are fully aligned with the C4JR Position Paper on Reparations

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