UNITAD calls for accountability for ISIL crimes in Iraq

March 3, 2022
Hanan Elbadawi

UNITAD wants to see perpetrators of ISIL atrocities being held to account for international crimes before Iraqi Courts just as they are in Germany.

Yazidi Survivors Law (YSL) is a significant step toward recognizing the crimes committed against the Yazidis and other communities and the rights of survivors.
Ms. Hanan Elbadawi, Political Advisor at UNITAD, said at the C4JR Media Event in Baghdad marking the first Anniversary of the Adoption of the Yazidi Women Survivors Law.
UNITAD Pledged to Help Iraq Reveal ISIL Crimes and acknowledged that ISIL crimes against Yazidis, Turkmen, Shabak, and Christians amount to genocide and crimes against humanity. YSL mandates the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs to make this known to the world by revealing ISIL crimes in international forums. UNITAD pledged to extend all support to Iraq in this regard, according to YSL art. 7!

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