Helping survivors of ISIS conflict in Iraq realize their right to reparations

What we want?

The Coalition for Just Reparations (C4JR) is an alliance of Iraqi civil society organizations (CSOs), representing Iraq’s linguistic, ethnic and religious diversity, supporting reparation claims of survivors and other victims of crimes perpetrated during the conflict with the self-declared Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS conflict in Iraq). C4JR draws on international human rights and national law to advance the right to reparations of all civilian victims of ISIS armed conflict in Iraq.

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Latest news

Much More Progress Needed for ISIL Survivors to Access Reparation Benefits Detailed in the Yazidi Survivors Law

To mark six months from adoption of the landmark Yazidi Female Survivors Law (YSL), C4JR presented its media statement at the in-person press conference in Bagdad held on September 1, […]

UN officials call on Iraqi authorities to ensure swift and full implementation of Yazidi Women Survivors Law

In a statement marking seven years since ISIL terrorists brutally and systematically targeted religious minorities in Sinjar, UN Secretary-General António Guterres has called on Iraqi authorities to begin implementation of […]

C4JR Stands in Solidarity with Survivors on 7th Anniversary of the Yazidi Genocide

As justice is essential to building lasting peace, C4JR urges the Iraqi Government to end impunity for ISIL crimes and ensure justice for survivors in compliance with international standards.



A tip to Iraqi women’s rights activists

Nita Gojani is a transitional justice expert, who has worked on designing and implementing reparations programs for conflict-related sexual violence in Kosovo and Croatia. For nearly 10 years, she has worked on the implementation of the UN Women, Peace and Security agenda.
Ms. Gojani has been deployed by the justice Rapid Response to support the coalition for Just Reparations in Iraq.

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What should C4JR members focus on in the short-term?
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What is necessary to ensure reparations for survivors of sexual conflict come to fruition?
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How can reparative justice processes serve women in Iraq more effectively?