Helping survivors of ISIS conflict in Iraq realize their right to reparations


Much More Progress Needed for ISIL Survivors to Access Reparation Benefits Detailed in the Yazidi Survivors Law

To mark six months from adoption of the landmark Yazidi Female Survivors Law (YSL), C4JR presented its media statement at the in-person press conference in Bagdad held on September 1, […]

UN officials call on Iraqi authorities to ensure swift and full implementation of Yazidi Women Survivors Law

In a statement marking seven years since ISIL terrorists brutally and systematically targeted religious minorities in Sinjar, UN Secretary-General António Guterres has called on Iraqi authorities to begin implementation of […]

C4JR Stands in Solidarity with Survivors on 7th Anniversary of the Yazidi Genocide

As justice is essential to building lasting peace, C4JR urges the Iraqi Government to end impunity for ISIL crimes and ensure justice for survivors in compliance with international standards.

Open Letter to Iraqi Authorities and the International Community on the Occasion of 17 July 2021, Day of International Criminal Justice

Re: Criminal accountability for Atrocity Crimes Against Civilians Committed During the Da’esh/ISIL Conflict in Iraq On the Day of International Criminal Justice, Iraqi NGOs allied in the Coalition for Just […]

C4JR Members Renew Commitment & Plan Future Advocacy

On July 3 2021 C4JR held its annual meeting of all members in-person, in Erbil, and virtually. Due to last year’s circumstances, this was the first time many C4JR members […]

Hope for Survivors of Wartime Sexual Violence in Iraq #C4JR21

C4JR Media Statement on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict: Hope for Survivors of Wartime Sexual Violence in Iraq #C4JR21 On March […]

UN Security Council Highlights Reparations for ISIL Survivors in Iraq

On May 27th the UN Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 2576 (2021) extending UNAMI’s mandate in Iraq and providing assistance to monitor and ensure fair elections. The resolution calls on […]

C4JR’s Key Recommendations on Implementing Regulations of the Yazidi [Female] Survivors Law

C4JR’s Key Recommendations on Implementing Regulations of the Yazidi [Female] Survivors Law On March 1, 2021, the Iraqi Council of Representatives passed the Yazidi [Female] Survivors Law (YSL). This law […]

UN International Organization for Migration (IOM) releases report on recommendations for landmark Yazidi Female Survivor’s Law in Iraq.

Text provided by IOM. See IOM’s full report here. Iraq recently adopted the Yazidi [Female] Survivors Law – a landmark bill that outlines and stipulates for a host of reparation benefits for survivors […]

KRG Makes Notable Effort Towards Accountability and Reparations for ISIL Crimes

C4JR welcomes the draft legislation submitted by the KRG to establish a special criminal court for ISIL crimes. Similar to the International Criminal Court, this prospective court will be linked […]

C4JR Endorses Internal Guidelines on Ethical Engagement with SGBV Survivors

On March 17, 2021 C4JR adopted Internal Guidelines on Ethical Engagement with Survivors of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence to govern members’ engagement with survivors in C4JR-related work.