KRG Makes Notable Effort Towards Accountability and Reparations for ISIL Crimes

May 6, 2021

C4JR welcomes the draft legislation submitted by the KRG to establish a special criminal court for ISIL crimes. Similar to the International Criminal Court, this prospective court will be linked to a special fund in an attempt to provide relief alongside justice. With the passing of the Yazidi (Female) Survivors Law (YSL) on the federal level, the work on repairing harm done to ISIL´s survivors is not yet completed. The YSL covers only a portion of those affected, and the fund for survivors imbedded within KRG based criminal justice mechanism may help close this gap and further transitional justice processes in Iraq, including reparations.

The C4JR, an alliance of 31 Iraqi civil society organizations, offers its assistance to include, to the greatest extent possible, international standards and best practices in the forthcoming legislation. 

The C4JR urges KRG officials and parliamentarians to involve survivors in all stages of drafting and implementing such far-reaching legislation.

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