C4JR delegation presented C4JR Draft Law on Reparations for CRSV Survivors at the Iraqi Parliament

December 1, 2020

Efforts by Iraqi decision makers to pass the legislation ensuring reparations for survivors of conflict related sexual violence are well underway. 27 Iraqi civil society organizations allied into a Coalition for Just Reparations (C4JR) composed the Draft Law on Reparations for Survivors of Conflict Related Sexual Violence Committed During the ISIS Conflict in Iraq (C4JR Draft Law). The main goal was to promote an inclusive and survivor-oriented reparations plan in-line with international human rights standards and best practices. To that end C4JR representatives presented the C4JR Draft Law and accompanying Policy Paper to Iraqi MP Saib Khidir Naif on November 29th, 2020 at the Iraqi Council of Representatives. An outspoken proponent of reparative justice, Mr. Khidir and C4JR delegates agreed that the upcoming period is crucial for crafting a comprehensive and viable reparation plan. Moreover, it was agreed that Iraqi civil society and state authorities intensify their cooperation with the purpose of aligning the upcoming legislation with the pressing needs of survivors.

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