Helping survivors of ISIS conflict in Iraq realize their right to reparations



The Observer Human Rights Center is a non-governmental humanitarian independent organization with independent legal personality acknowledged by the Iraqi legislator which gives it the role in establishing the relations with other governmental and non-governmental organizations, provided that the purpose of this relationship concentrated in the humanitarian effort.
The Center considered as a main tool to observe the violation that may happen to the human rights, and it works on maintaining the basic principles of humanity and carrying out the tasks entrusted to humanitarian associations in the whole world. Its headquarter is in AL-Najaf AL-Ashraf province

Iraqi Educators League

The Iraqi league was funded in 2003. It is an independent, non-profit, Iraqi civil society organization registered in the Organizations Department of Non-Governmental General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers.  In addition to teachers, its membership includes an elite group of University professors, educational experts, and civil society activists, as it is also registered in the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
Iraqi Educators League seeks to achieve its vision through a realistic message focusing on the development of the educational sector institutions and adequate infrastructure provision
Iraqi Educators League pays attention to the message bearer from teachers, administrative and technical staff who are working to develop their abilities and build their capacity and defend their rights to be effective building society, laying democracy foundations, human rights concepts, achieving peace, and security in the community through modern and solid educational curricula that are effective tools.


ASUDA is an Iraqi NGO, committed to combating violence against women through an institutional and systematic approach in order to enhance the status of women and strengthen civil society through female participation. Its vision is a world where women and men enjoy equal rights and access to resources and opportunities, where all forms of discrimination and marginalization against women and minorities are eliminated, and where violence plays no part in any individual’s lives. Asuda seeks the attainment of a safe environment for women and minorities, free from all forms of violence, and where everyone enjoys their rights.


Better World Organization for Community Development (BWO) is a non-governmental organization established on 24th May 2017 in Kurdistan/Iraq. The organization works to advocate for peace and coexistence in the community, to empower and protect women and youth, and to improve psychosocial and economic situation of the people. The board and management teams are groups of young women and men, with experience in humanitarian and civil society field, who established this organization to stand up and call for women rights and peace to change the world to a better place. The organization’s office is in Duhok city and also working in Duhok governorate, inside and outside of IDP camps.

Christian Aid Program Northern Iraq (CAPNI)

Christian Aid Program Northern Iraq (CAPNI) as a Christian organization seeks hope, tolerance, & social justice for society, where minority & vulnerable people have dignified existence and security. CAPNI will be a force and a partner of choice in a movement dedicated to ending all forms of discrimination against minority people. Their mission is to build lasting solutions for minority & vulnerable with a focus on improving the lives and promoting the rights. CAPNI will engage with partners to promote self-help and influence public opinion and practice by bringing together wisdom based on sound analysis and field practices.

Civil Development Organization

Civil Development Organization “CDO” is a non-governmental, national, humanitarian, independent and non-profit organization founded in 1999 and registered in both KRG NGOs Directorate and Federal Government in Baghdad. CDO’s vision is establishing a civil society in Iraqi community through building capacity of CSO in Iraq, promoting democracy and peace promotion, developing human right situation, combating violence against women, increasing women political participation, presenting legal aid to the vulnerable groups and advocate on behalf of the local community. CDO is also involved in the emergency response to the Syrian refugees and Iraqi IDPs.

Dak Organization

Dak Organization is a humanitarian, developmental, non-profit, non-political, non-governmental, and independent women’s organization. It is working for women’s development, empowerment, protection, and peacebuilding through strengthening women’s decision making. It is also a feminist organization fighting for women’s rights by empowering women and building their capacities in different walks of life.


Emma is a Kurdish word that means “we”. The name of our organization defines us as it is our principle to work together as one team and from different backgrounds and beliefs. It includes everyone. Emma Organization was established in 2013 by a group of women activists and experts in various fields, such as gender equality, law, education, health and mental health. We are a non-profit organization providing programs to the community in general, particularly women and vulnerable groups in the Kurdistan Region, on those areas: Gender Equality, Rehabilitation, Capacity Building, and Development.

The Free Yezidi Foundation
The Free Yezidi Foundation is a non-political, women-led Yezidi organization designed to assist Yezidis in need. The Foundation was established shortly after terrorists attempted to eradicate the Yezidis in August 2014. The Free Yezidi Foundation seeks to implement projects to protect and support the most vulnerable members of the Yezidi community, with particular attention to minority and women’s rights.
Eyzidi Organization for Documentation

Eyzidi Organization for Documentation is a civil independent organization that provides services to all citizens without discrimination and seeks to create community awareness of the concepts of human rights through the definition of those concepts and to address all cases of violations by document all violations cases besides raising community awareness of its rights and how people have to pressure in order to take those rights. Our Vision: – Society that covers with respecting rights and treats violation besides working on compensation for those who get effects and ensures the social stability for individuals.

Ghasin Alzaiton

Ghasin Alzaiton is a non-profit organization established in 2012 and received its certificate registration in 2012 from the Directorate of Non-Governmental Organizations Office in Baghdad and in 2014 in Iraq Kurdistan Region (IKR) Since then the organizational implemented many projects and in partnership with local and international organizations that focused on peacebuilding and sustainable development in Iraq. The main aim and objectives of the organization are including: Support the most vulnerable people, promote peace and coexistence and empower women and eradicate gender-based violence.

Hammurabi Human Rights Organization

Hammurabi Human Rights Organization (HHRO) is an independent, non-profit organization founded on 1 April 2005. It works with 120 human rights activists from different Iraqi cities and societies who believe that human is the highest value which must be respected. HHRO activists defend the rights and dignity of all Iraqis regardless of religion, sect, nationalism, sex, origin, ideas or political affiliation. HHRO´s main office is in Baghdad, while it also has two branch offices in Erbil and Nineveh. HHRO´s goals are: protecting human rights, internationally and nationally, monitoring and revealing human rights violations and upholding the respect for human dignity.

Harikar is a non-governmental, neutral, independent, non-profit humanitarian organization based in Dohuk Governorate / Iraq. Harikar NGO is established in 30th May 2004 by a group of social activists. Harikar NGO strives toward the fulfillment of human rights, particularly women and children in Iraq, as stipulated in the Iraqi constitution. The organization is founded with the purpose of developing civil society through establishing an open space for all ethnic groups living within the borders of the country. The space is open for co-ordination with the other international and local non-governmental organizations.

HÁWAR.help is dedicated to creating a world in which everyone can live in safety and with personal agency, regardless of their ethnic background, faith, gender, or sexual orientation. A world in which human rights are respected as the highest good and where women and children can embrace new opportunities and dream big. A world with an open society that supports people who have been traumatized and still have the courage to go on. There’s still a long way to go, but we’ll keep on moving, no matter what.

Iraqi Institution for Development

Iraqi Institution for Development (IID) is an organization representing Iraqi Youth. In IID we believe that Iraq is rich in resources and that ignorance and poverty are not invincible. Since its establishment in 2003 IID works on fighting ignorance, poverty and hunger by providing education and emergency humanitarian assistance. At present, IID is one of the few Iraqi NGOs that are active, independent and operational nationwide. IID main office is in Mosul whereas it has branches in Erbil and Basra. IID is partnering with international and local authorities to achieve its goals and serve its people.

Jinda Organization

Jinda Since 2015, Jinda NGO has been providing long-term assistance to women and girls who have escaped or have been rescued from Daesh (ISIS) captivity. Via providing a safe space for survivors of war and displacement, the center offers psychological aid, legal and social assistance, as well as awareness training on women’s rights, women’s health, and strategies to cope on a practical level with traumatic experiences.

The Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights

The Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights is a non-governmental human rights organization based in Kurdistan, Iraq and Germany. Since 2005, the Jiyan Foundation has been providing support to survivors of human rights abuses in Kurdistan and Iraq. Today, the Jiyan Foundation runs a network of eleven trauma rehabilitation centers in North Iraq, including special departments for traumatized women and children, a clinic for Yazidi women who survived enslavement by the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), services for juvenile detainees and female prisoners, rights and justice and a human rights education program.

Justice Organization for Minority Rights

Justice Organization for Minority Rights (JOMR) is a civil society organization registered with the Baghdad NGO Department. Founded in 2015, JOMR works in the humanitarian relief field and specializes in human rights, expressly minority rights. JOMR has extensive experience in the implementation of projects and training in areas such as the promotion of minority rights, psychological support for women survivors, just reparations, advocacy and volunteering campaigns. JOMR has been working as a consultative body with the local government in Nineveh Governorate, it is a founding member of the Iraqi Minorities Coalition Network and works on partnerships with international and local organizations.

The Lotus Flower
The Lotus Flower is a non-governmental organization that works for the empowerment of women and girls in Iraq. Our fundamental belief is that women and girls are powerful drivers of change. We strive for a world where they are safe, free to access education, and are empowered to participate in their communities to drive social and economic change. We are investing in the future of women and girls because they play a vital role in resurrecting and strengthening communities. To ensure we meet the women’s needs, we listen to the local community and employ local women to implement the programs.
Methra Organization for Yarsani Culture and Development

Methra Organization for Yarsani Culture and Development is an independent non-profit organization working to develop potentials of people of Yarsani faith. It endeavors to protect heritage, customs, traditions and culture of Yarsan and promote Yarsanism in the world.
Methra, in particular, seeks to:
– Raise awareness of Yarsani and other minorities.
– Defend legitimate rights of Yarsanis and other minorities by means of national and international law.
– Document Yarsan affairs and facts.
– Strengthen Yarsan activities in the field of culture of tolerance and peace building.
– Provide resources for relevant research about Yarsani religion and culture.

Nadia’s Initiative (NI)

Nadia’s Initiative (NI) is dedicated to rebuilding communities in crisis and advocating globally for survivors of sexual violence. NI works with the local community and a variety of implementing partners on the ground in Sinjar, Iraq to design and support projects that restore education, healthcare, livelihoods, WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene), and women’s empowerment in the region. All NI programs are community-driven, survivor centric, and work to promote long term peace-building. NI advocates governments and international organizations to support efforts to rebuild Sinjar, seek justice for Yazidis, improve security in the region, and support survivors of sexual violence worldwide.

NHCR is an independent, non-governmental organization, with moral status, working for human rights principles and non-violence culture and peaceful coexistence. It has 3 years of experience in the monitoring field with the NED foundation and it is a member of the Civil Society Federations and 3P board. NHCR works to establish justice and equality, developing principles of democracy through the rule of law, advancing the work and activities of civil society, establishing human rights principles. Its work entails the elimination of violations of individual rights, strengthening democracy and coexistence between different religions, genders, and classes to achieve a peaceful society.
Nisha Organization

Nisha Organization is an independent non-profit civil society organization (NGO), officially registered with the Kurdistan Regional Government. Nisha, an Aramaic word for GOAL, was founded by a group of young activists to support IDP’s that fled Mosul after ISIS took control in 2014. We believe that societal advancement in the area of economy, education, culture, health and psychological well-being rests on sound and informed decision making. Therefore, we strongly encourage democratic dialogue and resolving differences through consultations involving all communities of Nineveh province.

Peace and Freedom Organization
Peace and Freedom Organization is a non-governmental, non-profit, administratively and financially independent organization. It believes in a nonviolent option and aims to: . Spread the culture of peace building, conflict resolution and non-violence ethics. . Promoting freedoms and human rights. . Protect diversity and promote citizenship. . Promote peaceful coexistence and values of tolerance. . Building youth capacities and promoting voluntary work. Means of achieving objectives. 1. Studies and research. 2. Use different media. 3. Training workshops. 4. Conferences and symposia. 5 – Printed books and various publications. 6- Networking and cooperation between CSOs and establishing partnerships with concerned parties.
SEED Foundation

SEED Foundation is a local NGO in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, committed to protecting, empowering, and supporting the recovery of survivors of violence and others at risk. Our approach to this mission is integrative and holistic. We provide quality and comprehensive services, including mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS), legal, protection, and shelter services; training and education to those working to protect and serve survivors; and policy and advocacy to strengthen laws, policies, practices and protections for vulnerable people, and promote social change.

TAJDID Iraq is an Iraqi NGO founded and registered in the NGOs office in 2008. TAJDID fights for a safe and stable Iraqi society using all available financial and human resources to develop the Iraqi society in all fields, and work to support the vulnerable sectors to achieve prosperity. With approximately 75 staff, TAJDID is present in Baghdad, Anbar, Diyala, Salahudein, and Mosul. It works with many donors in implementing a wide range of programs through psychosocial support and case management services, as well as free legal services to women and girls especially the GBV survivors and ISIS victims.
To Reconcile Organization

To Reconcile Organization (TRO) is a civil society organization registered in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq promoting reconciliation and strengthening peaceful coexistence between Iraqi communities and restoring Iraqi social fabric. TRO works to achieve these goals in partnership with community stakeholders, civil society organizations and national and international bodies. TRO works through volunteers on the ground from communities in need of reconciliation. One of the important fields of TRO´s work is to study the main reasons for inter-community disputes and social conflicts to facilitate research-based solutions to identified problems.

Turkmen Rescue Foundation

Turkmen Rescue Foundation is an Iraq based local NGO established in 2011 and registered officially in 2015. TRF is concerned mainly with defending Turkmen rights specifically and those of all Iraqi minorities in general. It is a volunteer based civil society organization. The main headquarter in Baghdad with staff in all Turkmen territories in Iraq.

Women Leadership Institute (WLI)
Women Leadership Institute (WLI) is a non-governmental independent women’s organization established at the end of 2004 and starting its work during January 2005. WLI wants to widen women’s participation through decision making and helping building peace and security in Iraq. Our goals are: a) to ensure Iraq’s commitment with international treaties and signatures of conventions and protocols concerning women’s rights. B) ensure inclusion of gender prospections in the government’s program C) to combat all forms of violence against women, D) Increase Iraqi women’s participation in decisive positions in all sectors. WLI is also leading the Network of UNSC 1325 resolution.
Women Legal Assistance Organization (WOLA)
Women Legal Assistance Organization (WOLA) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization founded in 2008 by the WADI organization. The organization works to stand up against violence against women and tries to eliminate gender discrimination in law. The organization is also dedicated to support legal equality between men and women and advocate for women rights within the KRG’s legal system.
Yazda is a global non-governmental, non-profit organization that strives to bring justice, sustenance, healing and rejuvenation to vulnerable minorities who have suffered from the so-called Islamic State’s genocidal campaign. Yazda was established in 2014 and is working with local and international partners to provide survivors with humanitarian, accountability, and advocacy services in their post-genocide recovery. In Iraq, Yazda operates out of its offices in Duhok, Sinjar and Baghdad. Yazda is also registered in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, and Australia. Our vision: Prevent genocide against the Yazidis and other vulnerable minorities.