Helping survivors of ISIS conflict in Iraq realize their right to reparations



HÁWAR.help is dedicated to creating a world in which everyone can live in safety and with personal agency, regardless of their ethnic background, faith, gender, or sexual orientation. A world in which human rights are respected as the highest good and where women and children can embrace new opportunities and dream big. A world with an open society that supports people who have been traumatized and still have the courage to go on. There’s still a long way to go, but we’ll keep on moving, no matter what.

Dak Organization

Dak Organization is a humanitarian, developmental, non-profit, non-political, non-governmental, and independent women’s organization. It is working for women’s development, empowerment, protection, and peacebuilding through strengthening women’s decision making. It is also a feminist organization fighting for women’s rights by empowering women and building their capacities in different walks of life.

SEED Foundation

SEED Foundation is a local NGO in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, committed to protecting, empowering, and supporting the recovery of survivors of violence and others at risk. Our approach to this mission is integrative and holistic. We provide quality and comprehensive services, including mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS), legal, protection, and shelter services; training and education to those working to protect and serve survivors; and policy and advocacy to strengthen laws, policies, practices and protections for vulnerable people, and promote social change.


ASUDA is an Iraqi NGO, committed to combating violence against women through an institutional and systematic approach in order to enhance the status of women and strengthen civil society through female participation. Its vision is a world where women and men enjoy equal rights and access to resources and opportunities, where all forms of discrimination and marginalization against women and minorities are eliminated, and where violence plays no part in any individual’s lives. Asuda seeks the attainment of a safe environment for women and minorities, free from all forms of violence, and where everyone enjoys their rights.


Better World Organization for Community Development (BWO) is a non-governmental organization established on 24th May 2017 in Kurdistan/Iraq. The organization works to advocate for peace and coexistence in the community, to empower and protect women and youth, and to improve psychosocial and economic situation of the people. The board and management teams are groups of young women and men, with experience in humanitarian and civil society field, who established this organization to stand up and call for women rights and peace to change the world to a better place. The organization’s office is in Duhok city and also working in Duhok governorate, inside and outside of IDP camps.

Bishkoreen Organization

Bishkoreen Organization is a non-profit organization from Dohuk dedicated to the protection, gender equality, and the empowerment of woman whose policy and system are based on communication and teamwork. Bishkoreen established from the start of a good relationship with relevant international and national organizations. Bishkoreen was able to partner with Cambridge Consultant for RH, Voice of Seniors and Family, DAC, IOM and GIZ. Bishkoreen focuses its work on three main sectors: Ways of living; Protection (CP, GBV, MHPSS, Peacebuilding and Social Cohesion); Education.

Christian Aid Program Northern Iraq (CAPNI)

Christian Aid Program Northern Iraq (CAPNI) as a Christian organization seeks hope, tolerance, & social justice for society, where minority & vulnerable people have dignified existence and security. CAPNI will be a force and a partner of choice in a movement dedicated to ending all forms of discrimination against minority people. Their mission is to build lasting solutions for minority & vulnerable with a focus on improving the lives and promoting the rights. CAPNI will engage with partners to promote self-help and influence public opinion and practice by bringing together wisdom based on sound analysis and field practices.

Civil Development Organization

Civil Development Organization “CDO” is a non-governmental, national, humanitarian, independent and non-profit organization founded in 1999 and registered in both KRG NGOs Directorate and Federal Government in Baghdad. CDO’s vision is establishing a civil society in Iraqi community through building capacity of CSO in Iraq, promoting democracy and peace promotion, developing human right situation, combating violence against women, increasing women political participation, presenting legal aid to the vulnerable groups and advocate on behalf of the local community. CDO is also involved in the emergency response to the Syrian refugees and Iraqi IDPs.


Emma is a Kurdish word that means “we”. The name of our organization defines us as it is our principle to work together as one team and from different backgrounds and beliefs. It includes everyone. Emma Organization was established in 2013 by a group of women activists and experts in various fields, such as gender equality, law, education, health and mental health. We are a non-profit organization providing programs to the community in general, particularly women and vulnerable groups in the Kurdistan Region, on those areas: Gender Equality, Rehabilitation, Capacity Building, and Development.

The Free Yezidi Foundation
The Free Yezidi Foundation is a non-political, women-led Yezidi organization designed to assist Yezidis in need. The Foundation was established shortly after terrorists attempted to eradicate the Yezidis in August 2014. The Free Yezidi Foundation seeks to implement projects to protect and support the most vulnerable members of the Yezidi community, with particular attention to minority and women’s rights.
Eyzidi Organization for Documentation

Eyzidi Organization for Documentation is a civil independent organization that provides services to all citizens without discrimination and seeks to create community awareness of the concepts of human rights through the definition of those concepts and to address all cases of violations by document all violations cases besides raising community awareness of its rights and how people have to pressure in order to take those rights. Our Vision: – Society that covers with respecting rights and treats violation besides working on compensation for those who get effects and ensures the social stability for individuals.