Helping survivors of ISIS conflict in Iraq realize their right to reparations


C4JR currently consists of the following organizations:

  1. ASUDA
  2. Better World Organization
  3. Bishkoreen
  4. Civil Development Organization
  5. Emma organization
  6. Ghasin Al-Zaiton organization for Youth
  7. Hammurabi Organization for Human Rights
  8. Harikar NGO
  9. Iraqi Institution for Development
  10. Jinda organization
  11. Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights
  12. Justice Organization for Minority Rights
  13. Lotus flower
  14. Methra Organization for Yarsani Culture and Development
  15. National Center for Human Rights
  16. Nisha Organization
  17. Peace and Freedom Organization
  18. Shlomo Organization for Documentation
  19. Tajdid Iraq
  20. To Reconcile Organization
  21. Turkmen Rescue Foundation
  22. Women Leadership Institute
  23. Women’s Legal Assistance Organization
  24. Yazda
  25. Yezidi Organization for Documentation

 The Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights is a non-governmental human rights organization based in Kurdistan, Iraq and Germany. Since 2005, the Jiyan Foundation has been providing support to survivors of human rights abuses in Kurdistan and Iraq. Today, the Jiyan Foundation runs a network of eleven trauma rehabilitation centers in North Iraq, including special departments for traumatized women and children, a clinic for Yazidi women who survived enslavement by the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), services for juvenile detainees and female prisoners, rights and justice and a human rights education program.