Helping survivors of ISIS conflict in Iraq realize their right to reparations

Our core beliefs:

Our core beliefs:

Published:November 5, 2019

• Full respect for international human rights law.

• A belief in the inherent dignity of humankind.

• Commitment to gender equality.

• That every victim of a gross human rights violation (link) has an enforceable individual right to reparation (link).

• A strong civil society is a major precondition for success of transitional justice (link) processes.

• CSOs in post-conflict states are able to rise above sectarian, religious, ethnic, class, ideological and other divisions and use international law to the benefit of victims.

• Peaceful coexistence and mutual respect are fundamentals which should govern relations among communities and groups.

• Repairing the harm done to victims (link) of gross human rights violations (link) should be of utmost priority not only for states where the violation took place but also for the international community and people worldwide.

• Any programs aimed at rectifying gross human rights violations (link) should be communicated, discussed and approved by the victims themselves in a timely manner.